Sector: McKinsey& Company is a global operating management and strategy consulting firm. It was one of the first companies of this kind and nowadays belongs to the market leaders in this branch. The web service “” appointed McKinsey& Company to the number one consulting company in 2009. McKinsey is organized as a corporation with 1.100 partners. Part of its business management is the “up or out” principle, which forces its employees to either promote or to leave the company.

The company’s history: James O. Mckinsey, an accounting professor of the University of Chicago, left his academic career to found the firm „McKinsey & Company“ in 1926. After he died, Marvin Bower took his place and introduced completely new principles. For him the education of his employees was more important than the experience. Under his leadership the company developed itself to one of the most respected consulting companies in the world. Over the years the firm began to expand its international presence and to improve its own organisation structures.

Services / areas of interest:
McKinsey is a typical consulting firm that advises companies in need or in dissatisfaction. It is known for its honest, objective and experienced advice. Independent of the client’s branch McKinsey offers its services.
The company’s biggest interest is the integrity of their clients. It is known as a sincere partner.
Facts and figures:
McKinsey is a private owned management consulting firm with more than 16.000 employees. With more than 80 locations around the world, McKinsey is a global firm with no central office. Each location operate under a 'One Firm' principle, while maintaining its unique local characteristics.
The firm's turnover was estimated at $5.33 billion in 2007.

Company Values :  The company has many values in order to be successful and to be recognized as one of the most prestigious firms in the management consulting industry. The most important one is the filling of the positions with the best people in order to solve the hardest problems. As being professionals they have to behave like that and uphold absolute integrity as well as putting the client’s interest in the first place. Another factor for their success is their collaboration and teamwork within the firm. Of course they keep the whole system as cost effectively as possible for their clients. Their motto is: we will be successful if our clients are successful.

Reasons for choosing this company:
We chose the McKinsey & Company – a management consulting firm because we thought this worldwide known company would offer us a lot of interesting information.  Once we decided on the McKinsey Company we all did research on the internet. A very useful website was

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